Red Double-Decker Buses Photos

The London Bus is one of London's main icons, the archetypal red rear-entrance double-deck Routemaster being recognised all over the world. Although the Routemaster has now been almost phased out of service, with only two routes still using the vehicles, the majority of buses in London are still red and therefore the red bus remains an iconic symbol of London.

Double-decker buses are also in regular use throughout the United Kingdom, and have been favoured over articulated buses because of the shorter length of double-deckers, and less need to have standing capacity.

We have got Red Double-Decker Buses images portraying this famous attraction at day time and we will have soon Red Double-Decker Buses pictures taken at night time. Capturing good photos of buses can be quite challenging.

Learning how to take pictures of moving buses can be difficult and creates a few problems. There are several ways to photograph moving buses. One technique freezes the bus and everything else in the picture. Another called panning freezes the bus while blurring everything else in the image. Finally, only the bus is blurred without blurring the entire photo. Most of Red Double-Decker Buses photos on this website were taken with a fast shutter speed and everything in picture is frozen. Some of Red Double-Decker Buses images are static and were shot while the bus wasn’t moving.

We are also planning to use more often the second technique called panning and shoot Red Double-Decker Buses pictures where the bus is frozen and everything else is moving. To freeze just the bus, you will need to select a slow shutter speed and simply follow the motion of the bus so that, relative to your frame, the object's position is motionless and everything else is moving. This technique takes some practice, but can produce interesting pictures when mastered.


Red Double-Decker Bus in Westminster

Red Double-Decker Bus In Westminster

Red Double-Decker Buses Photos

One Of Red Double-Decker Buses Pictures

Red Double Decker Bus in Parliament Square

Red Double Decker Bus In Parliament Square

Regent Street Red Double-Decker Bus

Regent Street Red Double-Decker Bus

Red Double-Decker bus For Tourists

Red Double-Decker Bus For Tourists

Piccadilly Circus red Double-Decker Bus

Another Of Piccadilly Circus Red Double-Decker Bus Images

Red Double Decker Bus near Tube Station

Red Double Decker Bus Near Tube Station

Side View red Double Decker Bus

Side View Red Double Decker Bus

Front View red Double-Decker Bus

Front View Red Double-Decker Bus