Big Ben Photos

Big Ben is the nickname for the thirteen ton bell hung within the clock-tower at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London and is generally extended to refer to the clock tower as well. The tower is not open to the general public, but a visit may be arranged through their local MP.

Many Big Ben pictures have already been taken and it is not easy to find an original way to photograph this London attraction. An unusual photo angle or maybe some type of foreground or background element could add more meaning to the scene. Various weather conditions could result in some interesting Big Ben images, like a cloudy atmosphere or different light. Fog or mist can also create an atmosphere of mystery and a real sense of drama on Big Ben pictures.

Most buildings are best captured at night and the most beautiful Big Ben photos were taken at night, when the clock faces are illuminated and the effect from Westminster Bridge or the far bank of the Thames can be breathtaking. Night time Big Ben images will be added later, there are currently only Big Ben pictures taken at day time on this website.


Houses of Parliament Photo with Big Ben

Houses Of Parliament Photo with Big Ben

Big Ben - the clock close-up

The Clock Close-up - Another Of Big Ben Images

Two towers, Big Ben and a grey sky background

Two towers, Big Ben And Grey Sky In The Background

Big Ben with a statue and branches in foreground

Big Ben With Statue And Branches In Foreground

Big Ben across the river Thames

One Of Big Ben Pictures With The River Thames

Big Ben - view from Parliament Square

Big Ben - View From Parliament Square